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Town councillors are unpaid and represent local residents. The next election is May 2021.

You can send an email to any MP and find out about attendance and voting patterns and who represents you locally by visiting the website Theyworkforyou.com.

Role of a town councillor

A town councillor is elected by the voters who live in the ward in which they have chosen to stand.  Town councillors have three main areas of work, which include:

  • Decision-making – attending meetings and deciding what activities to support and how money should be spent.
  • Monitoring – keeping an eye on what is going on to make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services, and
  • Getting involved locally.

There is a legal requirement to attend a minimum number of meetings and to abide by a Members’ code of conduct.

The National Association of Local Councils publishes The Good Councillors Guide and a booklet for people who want to know more about the role of a councillor.

David Kirkham – Town Mayor

15 Pemberton Grove, Bawtry, DN10 6LR
01302 710899


Angela Harrison – Clerk to the Council

The Old Coach House, The Yews, Firbeck, Worksop S81 8JW
07758 822654

Alan Claypole – Town Councillor

George Scott – Town Councillor

Clanroy, Elm Tree Drive, Bawtry, DN10 6LF
07752 385395





Alexander Young – Town Councillor

11 School Walk, Bawtry, DN10 6HP
01302 719697 or 07971 211393


Sandy Young Declaration of Interest Amendment

Douglas Cartwright – Town Councillor

1 Yew Tree Drive, Bawtry DN10 6LH
07712 517711

Doug Cartwright Declaration of Interests


Alan Cropley – Town Councillor

19 Sycamore Crescent, Bawtry, DN10 6LE
01302 710873



Peter Holland – Town Councillor

8 Martin Lane, Bawtry, DN10 6NJ
01302 711025

Claire Lukey – Town Councillor

77 Station Rd, Bawtry DN10 6PU
07837 645981

John Linsley – Town Councillor

Craigwood, Doncaster Rd, Bawtry DN10 6NP
01302 374009

Gilbert Budgen – Town Councillor

107 Staiton Rd, Bawtry DN10 6PU
01302 710374


G E Budgen Declaration of Interests updated


Steve Womack – Town Councillor

78 Church Street, Bawtry DN10 6HU
01302 711960/711563 or 07703 691517

Andrew West – Town Councillor

7 Church Street, Bawtry DN10 6HR
07576 259709

Paul Muxlow- Town Councillor

25 Sandbeck Court Bawtry DN10 6XP
07730 392920