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Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan

Our Plan was formally submitted to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council on 16th November 2018. To be “made” – i.e. incorporated into DMBC’s Local Plan – it must be deemed to be in compliance with all the relevant statutory requirements.

To inform this process, Bawtry Town Council submitted two supporting documents. One of these is a Consultation Statement, describing the process undergone to formulate the Plan – i.e. the ways we consulted with Bawtry residents and businesses and other formal bodies, such as the Environment Agency, Historic England etc., and the results of that consultation. The other document is a Basic Conditions Statement, which describes the statutory environment in which we operate and describes how we believe we are compliant.

To help it decide whether our Plan complies with requirements, DMBC must undertake a further consultation exercise and receive the view of an Independent Examiner. It has published our Plan, and the supporting documents, on its website

DMBC  will receive comments from any person or body until 11th January 2019. DMBC will then send the Plan, and any comments made, to an Independent Examiner.

If the Plan is deemed to be compliant with regulations DMBC will then arrange for a Referendum of the Bawtry electorate. A majority vote in favour of adoption will then result in the Plan being “made”.

A copy of the Plan may also be seen here:

Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan