Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan

Referendum – Thursday 12th September 2019 

In consultation with residents, businesses and community groups, Bawtry Town Council has been working on our Neighbourhood Development Plan since 2015. It is now completed, and will become part of Planning Law if a majority of voters support it in the referendum. This will mean planning decisions about Bawtry will reflect Bawtry’s ideas and priorities. The actual decisions will still be the responsibility of DMBC, but they will have to be consistent with the contents of the Plan.

So if you care about how Bawtry develops in the future, make sure you’re registered to vote (the same system as for local and national elections) and get down to New Hall on 12th September and vote in the referendum.

Hard copies of the Plan can be seen at Bawtry Community Library, the Central Library on Waterdale, or DMBC Civic Offices.

A copy of the Plan and all associated documents can be seen via the following link:

A copy of the Plan may also be seen here:

190807 Modified Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan

Bawtry NDP HRA Screening

Bawtry NP HRA screening (1)