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Parish Precept Increase 2019/2020


At the Town Council January Finance Meeting an increase was agreed to the Bawtry precept income. The precept is the element of Council Tax that is payable to Parish and Town Councils. This income is used to fund Town Council services. Historically the Bawtry precept level has been one of the lowest in the district. The present Town Council has the view that a policy of reliance upon car park revenue is fundamentally flawed; it makes us financially dependent upon a process that aggravates residents, retailers and ultimately deters visitors.

The Town Council are progressing several large projects. The relocation of the town’s War Memorial, refurbishment of Market Hill and the running of its business from the New Hall. These projects require significant levels of investment from the Town Council. Although the Town Council has cash reserves, we have to ensure these remain at a reasonable level in order to meet our obligations to services and staff.

The current Market Hill car park contract expires in approximately 2 and a half year’s time. If parking charges and charging hours are to be reviewed this may also result in a reduction of income to the Town Council.

Two years ago, the Town Council made a start to increase its income from the precept with a small increase of 10%, a much bigger increase last year of 33% and an increase this year of 38% – however the precept has been at such a low base that this means an average “Band D” Council Tax payer will only pay an extra £10.19 this year, or an additional 19p per week.
A balance between the precept and routine expenditure will take several more years to achieve.


Alan Claypole
Chair, Bawtry Town Council                                    29th January 2019

SYP Alerts launched by South Yorkshire Police

SYP Alerts will allow members of the public to sign up to receive free, tailored messages from the police via text, email and voice alert.
Initially, the messages will be sent by the Corporate Communications team but as training is rolled out across the force to Neighbourhood Policing Teams we will see local cops and PCSOs using it on a regular basis.
How does this differ from Twitter or Facebook?
South Yorkshire Police  have an outstanding social media presence as a force but they can’t rely on that alone as there is an increasing demand for the public to be able to easily access information that is tailored specifically to their wants and needs. As such, the police need to ensure we have a variety of ways that people can get their information . SYP Alerts will allow officers to send messages to anyone registered in their area, but they will also be able to;
Instantly alert the public to critical incidents
Target messages to a specific street/area
Target messages dependent on information that the subscriber has given us i.e. vulnerable people, people who have said they have CCTV
Send out messages in different languages
Consult with the public
This system will replace the Neighbourhood Watch Confirmer system but will be available to any member of the public who wishes to sign up.

It is quick and easy to register at, requiring just name, address and email. Once signed-up, users can adjust the settings to suit their interests

 Sign-up now at #SignMeUp