Courtyard Bawtry

Agendas and Minutes

All the agendas and minutes from Town Council meetings from 2016 are available to download.
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Formal Council meetings are held throughout the year to discuss Bawtry Town Council business. All Bawtry town councillors are invited to attend. The meetings take place at the New Hall, Station Road Bawtry . There are normally around 11 meetings per year of the Full Council, which take all decisions. Full Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. The Mayor of Bawtry chairs the meeting.  Councillors are asked to vote to show whether they agree or disagree with any proposals.

Council Structure and Working Groups

The Town Council has a number of working groups to deal with any specific issues. All of the working groups ultimately report to Full Council and these groups do not have any decision making powers. They all have specific area of responsibility which are set out in the working groups terms of reference. Members are elected to working groups annually or as they arise.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas for Council meetings are published three working days before the meeting takes place. Minutes are approved as part of the agenda for the subsequent Full Council meeting. Agendas and minutes can be seen online or at Bawtry Library. Reports about items which are confidential and discussed in exempt are not available.

Open to the Public

All meetings of the full council are open to members of the public. Visitors are invited to sit in an area known as the public gallery. Sometimes confidential matters will need to be discussed and the meeting will go into a closed session. If this happens, members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting.

Getting Involved

You can ask a question prior to a Council meeting by contacting the clerk or during a period of the meeting that allows for public participation. (This is usually at the start of the meeting at 7pm.)

Annual Town Meeting of Electors

The annual town meeting normally takes place in Bawtry in April or May. All electors are invited to come along to the meeting to hear what the Council has been doing during the last year. Anybody can ask the councillors questions


The election of the Town Mayor takes place in May each year. The Mayor is selected from among the town councillors