Bowling Green

Memorial Sports Field

The Memorial Sports Field facilities include a pavilion; a football pitch, cricket pitch and crown green bowling green with floodlighting.

Bawtry Town Council has recently leased the ground to the Bawtry Action for Recreational Sports (BARS) who are a non-profit making registered charity. BARS organises and funds the cost of grass cutting and other maintenance work and manage the site which is used by local clubs and residents. Bawtry Town Council provides an annual grant to BARS to help fund  the upkeep of the ground.

Wharf Street Play Area

Bawtry Town Council employs contractors to cut the grass and maintain the area, as and when required.

The play equipment is maintained and inspected by BARS

The Pinfold

Pounds and pinfolds were originally built to hold animals found straying from their owner’s land. Once contained, the animals would only be released upon payment of a fine. Each village or township as early as the 16th century would probably have had a pound or pinfold but relatively few remain today. Many fall into disrepair and disappear from the landscapes.

They comes in all shapes and sizes and since they ceased to be used for their original purpose, they have been put to various uses.

In 1980/81 refurbishment took place funded by monies from South Yorkshire County Council and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Trust. The refurbishment work was carried out by volunteers from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. The town council has continued to maintain the pinfold since that time.

The small corner garden at Martin Lane/Doncaster Road is also maintained by BTC.