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Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan

Following the successful  referendum on  Thursday 12th September 2019, the Bawtry Neighbourhood Plan was presented at DMBC’s Full Council on Thursday’s 21st November, where it was “made” (adopted) by the Council.

The adopted Plan (Sept 2019) now forms part of the Development Plan for Doncaster and will be used to determine planning applications in the Bawtry Parish. The strategic policies in the Core Strategy are still applicable but the Neighbourhood Plan policies supersede any of those in the adopted Unitary Development Plan (adopted July 1998). If the Neighbourhood Plan is silent on a topic then Planning Officers will revert to the UDP policies.

Hard copies of the Plan can be seen at Bawtry Community Library, the Central Library on Waterdale, or DMBC Civic Offices.

A copy of the Plan and all associated documents can be seen via the following link:

Bawtry NDP HRA Screening

Bawtry NP HRA screening (1)